writing, blogging, community

July 25, 2009

I plan to start writing and blogging here in hopes of sharing ideas with other bloggers and writers on writing, short fiction, memoir, progressive politics, anarchy, ideas.


3 Responses to “writing, blogging, community”

  1. Count me in!
    — jon

  2. j0nn0 Says:

    Do you have a pocket definition of anarchy, as it applies to change activism/progressive politics? We are always taught that anarchy is a “bad thing”… how can it be a positive agent for change?

    • Nell Says:

      Heyy J0n – Yanno, I think seriously that the two-party system in the U.S is pretty much falling apart, and that most people are realizing there is not much difference in the two parties offered. Some conservatives (neo-cons and neo-liberals who wanna smoke pot and drive w/ out seatbelts) thing they are going to make a great party out of people like Ron Paul (a totally backwards social thinker) running for and leading the libertarians. I think what we really have are these various kinds of self-interests in peoples’ different stands on the political process. But in the U.S., what we have is total chaos now, would you not agree? Can’t come up with a health care program when we have some unstated reason we still need to be spending over three billion dollars a day on war, and much more on weapons and funding Israel? Doesn’t really sound legit to me – does it to you? We just have corporations running things now – the way Nazi Germany was run by corporatism.

      The people who are running things now – and we really don’t see or get to identify them personally – are basically anarchic capitalists. That’s how we’ve gotten this predatory capitalism – capitalism at the cost of anyone’s life. Many of my progressive activist friends call themselves socialist libertarians. I guess we just have to use this tame-sounding word libertarian – for supposed extremes – outside the two party system. One of these days, coming to terms with what anarchy means is gonna help a lot.

      Remember, eco-anarchists are a branch of the green anarchy movement that practice non-violence and believe in living in groups not over about 150 people. This was what the anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss believed was mankind’s basic model of a sound human community number was.

      The most basic thing about anarchists of all is – they strongly dislike the idea of peoples’ lives being ordered heirarchically. Heir – archy / An – archy. See?

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