Here are some notes I’ve made recently …

July 27, 2009

Here are some notes I’ve made recently in discussing anarchy – the different kinds of perspectives in anarchism there are – many kinds of anarchism.

See the Wikipedia entry, “Anarchism.”

Responding to the various segments of the defined term
anarchist: (my words)

– Post-Anarchism makes a lot of sense to me. I feel
the past eight years of Bush, and perhaps even longer,
had been the beginning of the “dark age” I speak of,
and that this period, with its astounding 9/11
“event-driven” crises, like becomming a police state;
illegal occupation of the middle east in order to control
it’s resources and power due to its resources; defenders
of world and war crimes like torture, qitmo, abu grabe,
and a death squad; the continuation of Israel’s genocide
of Palestinians; and the massive bail-outs and record
breaking profits resulting the economic crash, and job
loss/ growing unemployment and real estate crises all of
this has in a way been anarchy, since we have only ha d a
“surface” government for what is actually our corporatist
government all this time. So in this “fuzzy” time
since 2000, we’ve been finishing anarchy of the people,
and beginning post-anarchythat doesn’t have many strictures
and rules.

– I’m certainly a green anarchist, the kind that tends more
to see technology and civilization as neutral and in
some ways possibly good. I don’t totally shun science or
technology. I merely believe the scientific breakthroughs
and technology are more often developed by our corporations,
and military, now, for reasons that create things
negative to the earth and humankind – such as chemicals
used in farming and other processes and products, like using
fuels that cause greenhouse gasses; nuclear weapons
and power; all military tools and technology, including planes,
bombers, biological warfare; starwars, etc.; genetically modified foods;
pharmiceuticals; proliferation of plastics; unwise agricultural
practices; surveilance technology. Etc.

I guess this still, though, doesn’t make me a Luddite or
primitivist anarchist. But shunning all science
and technology is quite unrealistic, to me – as is giving
up farming, and all dairy food or eggs, or the need for new
technologies to fight need of fossel fuels, use of coal, etc.
So guess I am also a disappointment to femina – anarchists
by rejecting primitivist anarchy, which they embrace as the
anarchism that supports them. I’guess
I’m a bit torn between them. I see how farmers do seem to
know how to do the least invasive farming possible, now, finally.

– I can also easily embrace both analytical anarchy
and ethical anarchy, because I really don’t believe in
doing dishonorable things like stealing or lying or
deceiving in addition to being anti-violence.
I’m an individualist, mostly, but I do think there is
such a thing as acknowledging what can be done by
the community for its greater good, rather than
for just one individual’s, unless that is sorted
out by the group. I think eco-anarchy may also
describe me, though too, as a more organized,
sub-set of green anarchism and form of people
organized into small communities of living/
growing/ producing. There is also mention of the
anarchic hermits, which I might identify with but
would want to know more about.

– I think ultimately, I may have to describe myself
as an anarchist without adjectives. I love the idea
of a movement to be more tolerant of all kinds of
anarchists, (rather than anarchists fighting)
and to be an acknowledged mix of various kinds of
anarchist philosophies. Economically, I am against
free trade and see the socialism of countries like France and Scandanavia as the only democratic governments in the world, so I do see a
way of capitalism functioning within a regulated,
socialist structure that contains it.  This kind of capitalism inspires innovation, after all.

And of course I see being a pacifist anarchist, like Gandhi, as a good thing –
I don’t believe in violence of any kind in my rights
to live without a heirarchy imposed on my life.

– So I’m an ethical, analytical, eco-anarchist who is not
against farming and technology, pro democratic socialism,
but also pro-tolerant, (anarchist with no adjectives,) see
many different aspects in my beliefs as against the
state, and some of my ideas come from regional decocracy.
I believe in the deep ecology and small is beautiful
philosophies, and in the vegan / anti-cruelty philosophy
of not eating animals. (Though I don’t see what would be
wrong with cruelty free, small scale dairy and animal
products like goats milk cheese and eggs.)

– So I guess I am also in part a post-anarchist socialist, or an
analytical eco-anarchist without adjectives. With all
these labels, one can move around in between them and find
a personalized fit – which I think means that in order to
be a pacifist, I am compelled to be a “non-judgemental”
anarchist without adjectives, in the end.


One Response to “Here are some notes I’ve made recently …”

  1. buddhananda Says:

    Hello, I am a new blogger on wordpress and I am looking here and there for other blogs linked to what I try to do (how to change human society for the better) to try to make positive interactions. My focus is I think close to your (green anarchy) but I try to find answers in the philosophical and spiritual fields (hinduism, buddhism, reiki, meditation, near death experiments…). Maybe you will be interested. Anyway, don’t hesitate to come and visit @ and feel free to leave your comments about the posts.
    Good luck

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