Thinking about the ties that bind the U.K. and the U.S.

August 3, 2009

I was talking to an old friend from high school days this weekend.  Somehow, she and I always pick up from where we left off – except for the fact that she just seems to know a lot.  Like yesterday, she happened to know that it’s not GWB’s paternal grandfather, Prescott Bush, who’s the worst relative in his closet.  It happens to be the Walkers, GWB’s maternal family relatives who are the most corrupt and powerful of all.  (I guess they’re pretty bad if they’re worse than an American collaborating with banks and Nazi Germany, i. e. Prescott Bush.)

Well, she and I were talking about the U.K.’s part in our current political/ financial/ more or less overall collapsing system.  She immediately exclaimed that the U.K. has always had the U.S. at its bidding, and that they are much worse than Americans in promoting the anglo west’s current state of affairs.

The more I think of it, if the two countries (colonists) have always worked as one, it’s easy for them to subdue  concerns that they might be working towards the same end, since the U.S. can take over the middle east for the U.K. …. the U.S., with Captain Cook, an Englishman,  could colonize Hawaii,  make it the 50th state, but also have had it aquired in some other respect – probably  financially – for the U.K.’s interest too.

I’m just putting these thoughts out.  For me, the idea that the U.S. never actually did win its independance from the U.K. makes much more sense to me now.  I always did wonder how these mysterious financial ties and very common interests were so totally inseparable.

This explains two more things: 1) the U.K. overtaking the Palestinians’ land from them and giving it to the European jews after leaving the Nazi prison camps, and then handing Israel’s survival (and captive control of palestinian life) over to the U.S., and 2) the fact that it would have to be both the U.S. and the U.K. together that so badly wanted the Euro-American power stasis of the U.S. in the entire middle east, now.

Am I the last person on the planet to have put this  all together, finally? – with a little help from my friend?


2 Responses to “Thinking about the ties that bind the U.K. and the U.S.”

  1. Nell Says:

    It’s odd: when I think of it, the U.S. has inherrited all of the U.K.’s supposed friends and foes. Although I know plenty of Americans and Canadians who all did a great deal for the IRA during its darkest days to support it, and this was of course very illegal

    The other thing is – the U.K. seems to be the country that has actually been most upfront and high profile about having to sacrifice “liberty for safety.” The U.K. was first to have its massive video camera program installed, and was taking DNA sampling from everyone brought into custody by its police before the rest of the other western countries.

    Any comments on this? Am I bringing it closer to home?

  2. Nell Says:

    A little bird who does not wish to be identified told me that when he read this entry, he thought of the Rothchildes . No shit! (Even if they are in every conspiracy theory ever published – they still reside in the U.K.)

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