From Memorial site for Charles Harrison a.k.a. Charles Frank: some paintings

August 4, 2009

I just happened to come upon a lovely memorial post for a 30-yr-old man who was an untrained, so-called “outsider artist” and also a member of the blues music community.  I urge you to visit the memorial directly, which provides personal details and even a photo of the artist and musician of the New England area.

Here’s the link:

Meanwhile, I can’t help but be bowled over by the beauty of so many of his paintings documented here, and wanted to post some of them in case anyone has interest in art and doubts the contribution of  so-called outsider artists – self trained artists –  to the arts the world over.

This is a painting of the artist’s girlfriend:

Mississippi John Hurt, 2005

Blind Lemon Jefferson and Blind Willie McTell, 2005


Helicopter Flowers

(I love the painting above.)

(This is one amazing painting.)

This painting is painted over a picture of Jesus, and all area but the eyes are painted over:  so what you see are Jesus’ eyes here in the painting.    What the artist was doing was giving the blind musician he was painting Jesus’  eyes to see with …. it was a private joke, local humor, which the artist is said to not have had any lack of.

Please check out the original memorial page to Charles Harrison a.k.a. Charles Frank, that has been assembled at the following site:

RIP Charles Harrison ….

Here is a funny bumper sticker the artist made:


One Response to “From Memorial site for Charles Harrison a.k.a. Charles Frank: some paintings”

  1. Nell Says:

    I just feel that, in a natural democracy of sight, academically trained and directed artists in their academic communities have nothing over the untrained artists who work through their artistic vision, in their time, as well as the artists mentioned above. It just seems to be another elitist thing, the “outsiderness” of untrained artists’ work, ranther than acknowledging things person by person, and not stereotyping.

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