In B Flat

August 5, 2009

play these musical windows, which are performers’ performances,  one by one,  or together in many combinations.  lots of fun,  and i haven’t found one disagreeable sound in the infinate array of possibilities yet ….

i’m thinking this is a good endorsement of planning, but still, none-the-less,  and more to the point, some really good anarchy ….!


2 Responses to “In B Flat”

  1. Nano Cat Says:

    I went outside to check the sun. The birds and squirrels didn’t seem to mind the gray canopy. There was a dead cat by the side of the road, the sight of which almost made me sick.

    It was Penny’s from next door and I dreaded giving her the bad news. The sky took on a more sinister, foreboding mien. I went and got a trash bag, did the unpleasant task at hand and deposited it in her trash can.

    • lydianell Says:

      Nano Cat —

      I like the spare, simple prose and melancholy of this short short story. The very last sentence bothers me — not technically, but as content. When you find someone’s dead pet, wouln’t you tell them — present the animal involved in getting killed in the street — to the owner’s guardian???

      However, if this is a feeling or sentiment or insight into this caracter — or into YOU, as character — then putting the cat’s body in the trash without telling her anything is just further food for thought in the story.

      Thanks so much for contributing here. See you ’round. Best wishes, too. 🙂


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