I have started this blog to share interests  with all bloggers who want  to follow  a topic already here,  or want to change the topic …. add anything.   I am interested in all things related to culture – such as art, music, cooking – and in progressive politics, social issues, and civil and human rights – but none of this should impede the civility of our interactions.

We can just as easily share comments and critique about philosophy, health, or other things we have some knowledge and interest in.

If you want to share your fiction,  personal essays,  memoir,  creative non-fiction,  poetry ….  please feel comfortable to do so  here, or to  move to the writing part of this blog, nell’s writing,   where my own personal writing is.  I’m hoping to soon make the writing blog available to anyone who wants to make original entries into it.

Whatever community dark age days ends up being I hope it’s both  comfortable and stimulating for all ….  guess we’ll see.  🙂


3 Responses to “about this blog:”

  1. Thanks for your clear and outspoken view of life in the answer you gave to the subject ‘religion’ in Askville. I like your blog very well in its set up AND in the beauty and originality of some articles and many fine paintings.

    I hope you are going to have a lot of good contacts and send my best regards.

    Jan Arends (alias ‘janosj’)

  2. Nell Says:

    Jan —

    Thanks so much for visiting me here. I’ve been quite lazy about posting original articles as I had planned, but hope to begin to do so soon.

    People like you inspire me to do much more than I usually believe I can, and to get up off the ground I’ve fallen on and begin where I left off.

    Your compliments and generous spirit are just a welcome interlude of encouragement, and I’ll try not to let myself — and people like you, though there are few — down.

    Please come visit soon again.

    I want to begin writing about net neutrality and what we are going to have to do to keep the Internet democratic, as it is currently the only universe where true democracy exists.

    Peace and best wishes,


  3. Dear Nell,

    Technology of the Askville Page left me without the possibility of giving you an answer and a bit more.
    The words ‘Write Reply’ just disappeared seven times – I love that lucky number – so I take this road.

    Carmen is not English but Spanish / Catalan, born in the village where we live named Torroella de Montgrí (‘Little Tower on the Grey Mountain’). We found each other 28 years ago, married a year later and are just: happy. Carmen lived six years in England. The English family received her as one member more and thanks to that approach she speaks fine English.

    We still have good contact with that family in writing and almost every year personally in France, Spain/Catalonia or England.

    I can write that our village -Torroella- is the only one in Spain with two years of an anarchistic form of society in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

    Funny that ESL and EFL have been your main activity for thirteen years. As a publisher I worked with Cambridge University Press to edit and publish an EFL-course but we had to give in. Cambridge did several projects with us. The Cambridge Latin Course is the best of them and the Pole Star Series (for children) an amazing beauty, full with anecdotes

    I have only been able to glance at the two websites you mentioned. It will take time to know them.
    I will let you know if I can find time but I have many projects that eat my time. A trick to duplicate or triplicate myself or my time must be very difficult. Your point of view about the English language is very straight and very true. To have more than a million words in the latest Oxford Complete whilst Dutch, Catalan or Spanish survive with some 130.000 each says also a bit about Colonialism…

    The fact that the publishing of Chomsky’s ‘Syntactic Structures’ was done by a Dutch Company – as no American or English publisher saw a market – made me clear that my cradle was in Holland and I lived there some 40 years. Noam Chomsky is an honest and clever man without being unreasonable.

    Today we had our first day of Fall/Autumn. I’m going to have some nice hours with Carmen and send you my kindest regards !


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