I just happened to come upon a lovely memorial post for a 30-yr-old man who was an untrained, so-called “outsider artist” and also a member of the blues music community.  I urge you to visit the memorial directly, which provides personal details and even a photo of the artist and musician of the New England area.

Here’s the link: http://www.bluesaudience.com/charlieharrison.html

Meanwhile, I can’t help but be bowled over by the beauty of so many of his paintings documented here, and wanted to post some of them in case anyone has interest in art and doubts the contribution of  so-called outsider artists – self trained artists –  to the arts the world over.

This is a painting of the artist’s girlfriend:

Mississippi John Hurt, 2005

Blind Lemon Jefferson and Blind Willie McTell, 2005


Helicopter Flowers

(I love the painting above.)

(This is one amazing painting.)

This painting is painted over a picture of Jesus, and all area but the eyes are painted over:  so what you see are Jesus’ eyes here in the painting.    What the artist was doing was giving the blind musician he was painting Jesus’  eyes to see with …. it was a private joke, local humor, which the artist is said to not have had any lack of.

Please check out the original memorial page to Charles Harrison a.k.a. Charles Frank, that has been assembled at the following site:


RIP Charles Harrison ….

Here is a funny bumper sticker the artist made:


I was talking to an old friend from high school days this weekend.  Somehow, she and I always pick up from where we left off – except for the fact that she just seems to know a lot.  Like yesterday, she happened to know that it’s not GWB’s paternal grandfather, Prescott Bush, who’s the worst relative in his closet.  It happens to be the Walkers, GWB’s maternal family relatives who are the most corrupt and powerful of all.  (I guess they’re pretty bad if they’re worse than an American collaborating with banks and Nazi Germany, i. e. Prescott Bush.)

Well, she and I were talking about the U.K.’s part in our current political/ financial/ more or less overall collapsing system.  She immediately exclaimed that the U.K. has always had the U.S. at its bidding, and that they are much worse than Americans in promoting the anglo west’s current state of affairs.

The more I think of it, if the two countries (colonists) have always worked as one, it’s easy for them to subdue  concerns that they might be working towards the same end, since the U.S. can take over the middle east for the U.K. …. the U.S., with Captain Cook, an Englishman,  could colonize Hawaii,  make it the 50th state, but also have had it aquired in some other respect – probably  financially – for the U.K.’s interest too.

I’m just putting these thoughts out.  For me, the idea that the U.S. never actually did win its independance from the U.K. makes much more sense to me now.  I always did wonder how these mysterious financial ties and very common interests were so totally inseparable.

This explains two more things: 1) the U.K. overtaking the Palestinians’ land from them and giving it to the European jews after leaving the Nazi prison camps, and then handing Israel’s survival (and captive control of palestinian life) over to the U.S., and 2) the fact that it would have to be both the U.S. and the U.K. together that so badly wanted the Euro-American power stasis of the U.S. in the entire middle east, now.

Am I the last person on the planet to have put this  all together, finally? – with a little help from my friend?

There should now be a link on my other blogs to “nell’s writing,” which is also the writing part of dark age days.

To go to the writing blog of dark age days please click on this link and find whatever I’m working on there. Eventually, I want to share a writing blog with other writers – fiction, personal essays, or memoir. That could be another part of this current blog, the “writing” part of dark age days, and the main part could be for progressive politics, and another part could be for art, photography, philosophy. I dunno …. Ideas?

Bear with me as I learn html and how to interconnect things so as to find and participate in a community of  folk who write about many things. Thanks for your interest.

Many thanks to my lovely friend J0n, who helps me figure out how to post and work things here – one day it will make sense to me!.

Here are some notes I’ve made recently in discussing anarchy – the different kinds of perspectives in anarchism there are – many kinds of anarchism.

See the Wikipedia entry, “Anarchism.”

Responding to the various segments of the defined term
anarchist: (my words)

– Post-Anarchism makes a lot of sense to me. I feel
the past eight years of Bush, and perhaps even longer,
had been the beginning of the “dark age” I speak of,
and that this period, with its astounding 9/11
“event-driven” crises, like becomming a police state;
illegal occupation of the middle east in order to control
it’s resources and power due to its resources; defenders
of world and war crimes like torture, qitmo, abu grabe,
and a death squad; the continuation of Israel’s genocide
of Palestinians; and the massive bail-outs and record
breaking profits resulting the economic crash, and job
loss/ growing unemployment and real estate crises all of
this has in a way been anarchy, since we have only ha d a
“surface” government for what is actually our corporatist
government all this time. So in this “fuzzy” time
since 2000, we’ve been finishing anarchy of the people,
and beginning post-anarchythat doesn’t have many strictures
and rules.

– I’m certainly a green anarchist, the kind that tends more
to see technology and civilization as neutral and in
some ways possibly good. I don’t totally shun science or
technology. I merely believe the scientific breakthroughs
and technology are more often developed by our corporations,
and military, now, for reasons that create things
negative to the earth and humankind – such as chemicals
used in farming and other processes and products, like using
fuels that cause greenhouse gasses; nuclear weapons
and power; all military tools and technology, including planes,
bombers, biological warfare; starwars, etc.; genetically modified foods;
pharmiceuticals; proliferation of plastics; unwise agricultural
practices; surveilance technology. Etc.

I guess this still, though, doesn’t make me a Luddite or
primitivist anarchist. But shunning all science
and technology is quite unrealistic, to me – as is giving
up farming, and all dairy food or eggs, or the need for new
technologies to fight need of fossel fuels, use of coal, etc.
So guess I am also a disappointment to femina – anarchists
by rejecting primitivist anarchy, which they embrace as the
anarchism that supports them. I’guess
I’m a bit torn between them. I see how farmers do seem to
know how to do the least invasive farming possible, now, finally.

– I can also easily embrace both analytical anarchy
and ethical anarchy, because I really don’t believe in
doing dishonorable things like stealing or lying or
deceiving in addition to being anti-violence.
I’m an individualist, mostly, but I do think there is
such a thing as acknowledging what can be done by
the community for its greater good, rather than
for just one individual’s, unless that is sorted
out by the group. I think eco-anarchy may also
describe me, though too, as a more organized,
sub-set of green anarchism and form of people
organized into small communities of living/
growing/ producing. There is also mention of the
anarchic hermits, which I might identify with but
would want to know more about.

– I think ultimately, I may have to describe myself
as an anarchist without adjectives. I love the idea
of a movement to be more tolerant of all kinds of
anarchists, (rather than anarchists fighting)
and to be an acknowledged mix of various kinds of
anarchist philosophies. Economically, I am against
free trade and see the socialism of countries like France and Scandanavia as the only democratic governments in the world, so I do see a
way of capitalism functioning within a regulated,
socialist structure that contains it.  This kind of capitalism inspires innovation, after all.

And of course I see being a pacifist anarchist, like Gandhi, as a good thing –
I don’t believe in violence of any kind in my rights
to live without a heirarchy imposed on my life.

– So I’m an ethical, analytical, eco-anarchist who is not
against farming and technology, pro democratic socialism,
but also pro-tolerant, (anarchist with no adjectives,) see
many different aspects in my beliefs as against the
state, and some of my ideas come from regional decocracy.
I believe in the deep ecology and small is beautiful
philosophies, and in the vegan / anti-cruelty philosophy
of not eating animals. (Though I don’t see what would be
wrong with cruelty free, small scale dairy and animal
products like goats milk cheese and eggs.)

– So I guess I am also in part a post-anarchist socialist, or an
analytical eco-anarchist without adjectives. With all
these labels, one can move around in between them and find
a personalized fit – which I think means that in order to
be a pacifist, I am compelled to be a “non-judgemental”
anarchist without adjectives, in the end.

i cannot figure out how to change the words beneath the title of the blog – beneath “dark age days” – guess i’ll have to seek help tomorrow.

I plan to start writing and blogging here in hopes of sharing ideas with other bloggers and writers on writing, short fiction, memoir, progressive politics, anarchy, ideas.

Hello world!

July 25, 2009

Here I am …. having moved my blogging and any original writing I do to this new wordpress site as of today.  Welcome anyone who has followed me here, or who visits from anywhere.  Hope you will be encouraged to join in community with other writers, artists, idea people, critics, people involved in change and activism and progressive politics, anarchy and any others who want to be here.